Tuesday, 10 April 2012

How do you start mystery shopping?

There are many Australian mystery shopping companies that you can apply to including Mystery Customer. To find out what other companies are available, do a Google search for "mystery shopping companies."

Most companies will ask you to create your shopper profile before anything happens. This is where you provide your details about your name, address, age, gender etc. Once you have set up your shopper account you will be emailed a confirmation email so that you have full access to your account.

Some companies (including Mystery Customer) will then generally ask you to complete several certifications before you can start applying for their jobs. Questions often relate to what you should and shouldn't do as a mystery shopper, how the mystery shopping system works and what the company expects from you.

After successfully passing all required certifications you will then be eligible to apply for the company's jobs once they become available.

Remember, first impressions count. When you receive your first mystery shopping assignment do the best possible job so the company knows they can rely on you. Most companies will have a rating system in place and they will rate your performance after every job you submit through to them. Future assignments will be dependent on how well you complete your first assignment.

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