Sunday, 10 May 2015

Improving Customer Service Through Better Leadership

Sydney based business consultants Nine Pillars has released a short guide for businesses wishing to improve their customer service by providing better leadership.

The link between customer service and leadership is an important one. Great leaders inspire their team and attract positive people that are motivated and happy – this leads directly to the provision of better service and a better experience by your customers. Not only do great leaders get their team to be more engaged, they also inspire their staff to be more involved in the business.

Nine Pillars outlines three simple ways that you can improve your leadership skills and get more team engagement.

1. Have a Vision for the Business
Have a picture where you want to take the business. Once you are clear on this yourself, you can share this with your team. This will get them more positive about the future of the business and their own prospects and this will in turn lead to them being more positive with your customers.

2. Lead by Example
Don’t be one of those business owners that expects one thing but does another. Some areas that you can lead by example are: be positive yourself – this will rub off on your team; be punctual; set high standards and police them; etc. It’s up to you to show the way for your team.

3. Expect High Standards
Many business owners EXPECT high standards but ACCEPT a lower level of work. Don’t fall into this trap – don’t just expect high standards but make sure that you police this and pull your team up if they aren’t delivering. It’s so common for business owners to let standards slip over time.

The video guide can be viewed here