Sunday, 5 August 2012

How to improve your mystery shopping reports

Different companies have different standards as to what the shopper should and should not include in their reports.

However, there are also factors that remain universal to all companies including:
  • Answering the questions thoroughly
  • Reports are objective and past experiences should not sway current results
  • Reports are completed without bias
  • Doing the visit during the required timeframe and submitting it soon after
Where comments are required, shoppers are required to answer the question in full with attention to spelling and grammar. If the question asks you to comment on 3 things, comment on the 3 things.

For example, a question could be: Was the bathroom well maintained without excessive water on the floor with hand towels and toilet paper well stocked? 

A poor answer that is provided by many inexperienced shoppers is: “Yes, the bathroom was well maintained.” Did the shopper answer the question? Yes. But did their answer provide the required feedback to the client? No.

A better answer for the question above could have been: “Yes. The bathroom was well maintained. There was a little splash of water on the ground near the hand basins where people dried their hands but nothing excessive to make it hazardous. The paper towel dispenser was stocked and both cubicles were well stocked with toilet paper. There was also extra toilet paper available in case it ran out.” 

Please keep in mind that businesses pay money for your reports and they use the feedback that you provide them to help improve their business. So before you submit your report, think on the business’ behalf. Would you pay for the report that you are about to submit?

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